Bitter Pill

The Songs of Billy Butler

April 20-22, 2017
Janice B. Streeter Theatre
14 Court Street
Nashua NH

bitter pill. noun. a distressing experience or result that is hard to accept but often necessary (often in the expression a bitter pill to swallow): Being passed over for promotion was a bitter pill to swallow.


Bitter Pill is a band of noir vaudevillians comprised of musicians, singers, circus artists, actors, and awkwards. For you theatre types it's a song-cycle show ala - Songs for a New World or World Goes 'Round, but more in the spirit of what Amanda Palmer coined as, 'Brechtian punk cabaret'. Each of Billy's songs are brought to life with comedy, tragedy, circus, burlesque, melodrama, life, death, and love!


“Exhilarated. Stimulated. I've never seen anything like it." NH Public Radio


"Holy shit!" Audience Member

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